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Chi with Sombero

1. You will do as I command you to do. I may be short, but my mighty will is stronger than yours, human.

2. There shall no dog larger than I in my living quarters. If my human has the AUDACITY to have a second dog larger than I, I shall exterminate him (or make him really, really uncomfortable by chewing his neck, shins or/and private part below his stomach.)

3. The might of the Chihuahua is awesome. (What do you think happened to the Incas? Hmmmmmm?????)

4.  There shall be no photos taken of me. (Bribery with food might make me change my mind.) If you choose to do so, I shall smite your camera with my terrible frown of displeasure.

5.  Let me make this rule perfectly clear:  My food is my food. I do NOT share. Also, your food is my food as well. You, human shall share the delights of your meals with me or incur the “Wrath of Chi!”

6. Never, ever, hug me without my permission. Remember rule number 5 and the “Wrath of Chi!”

7. Hats for lessor dogs, not Chi’s. Never put one of the monster-things on my head.

8. Do not restrain me, I my will is mightier than yours.

9. Do NOT put me outside when it is raining or snowing. I am the Chihuahua and am easily chilled. Once I return inside and warm up on your lap, YOU SHALL FEEL MY MIGHTY CHI WRATH….unless, you let me cuddle under the blankets with you.



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