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Going through some antique jewelry my grandmother left me I came upon a wonderfully distinctive art deco ring made with small greyish pave style crystals and a dark centerpiece stone.

Antique Art Deco Ring

Being the curious type I decided to do some research the stones in this ring and discovered that the small shiny grey faceted stones are called marcasite, which is another name for pyrite, classified as a semi precious stone.

Apparently, Marcasite/Pyrite was used quite a bit in jewelry in the 1800’s Deco period (1920’s – 1930’s.)  The two center stones in the above ring are black onyx (also classified as a semi-precious stone) which you will find in many pieces of jewelry during this period.

Art Deco Sterling Marcasite Floral Bar Pin by Fibber McGeez on Etsy

Here is another lovely example of Art Deco I discovered in Fibber McGee’z. This pin is classic Art Deco. If you look carefully at the pin, you will see that it tells a story of a flower garden – the square centerpiece of flowers, perhaps daisies and the at the right and left of the square of daisy’s is what looks like leafy vine topped by a simple stylized flower.

I think the important to fully enjoy Art Deco is to view the patterns within the pattern, which are rather geometric in shape, as well as the “shimmer value” of the stones within each piece.

Loral Leaves Marcasite Necklace by Etsy shop ilie pea

Now we go Retro in the lovely Retro (1935-1945) Loral leaves necklace marcasite necklace which I found in Etsy shop, lile pea. The delicate leaves with their Marcasite jewels seem to compel the viewer to once again enter a garden and surround her neck in leafy jeweled glory.

Vintage Art Deco Marcasite and sterling Ring by CRYSTAL CREEK 2

Changing the pattern and back to Art Deco, is this organic in origin is this graceful Art Deco Marcasite ring which can be found in CRYSTAL CREEK2.  This ring shows the classic swirl pattern embellished by marcasite crystals.


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Irish Lace Wedding Gown, overlet

Irish Lace Wedding Gown, overlet

I love to crochet. Frankly, I am not very good at it, but I find it relaxing.  My specialty are simple long scarves and hats, and though I only use two stitches, single crochet and double crochet, I find that if I use bright vibrant colors, no one really notices that it isn’t really fancy. For me, it works.

Now the other day I was doing research on Irish Lace for an small article I wrote on examiner.com and discovered a whole new world of crocheting.  I never knew that crocheting could be so….light, fanciful and ethereal.

Perhaps, someday I will try my hand at this. But, for right now, I can admire other’s handiwork like this beautiful Irish Lace Wedding overlay wedding dress. (yes, the bride wears a white satin-like shift underneath the lace.)

You can still learn how to make Irish Lace today. Below are two websites which can get your started:


Free Craft Patterns, a vintage collection – http://bit.ly/hALKkS

— If you have more information about Irish Lace, please comment. You will be helping others learn more and help keep this craft alive. –

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